June 2014

The first meeting at the Moscow School of Economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

July 2014

Coordination of the agreement on cooperation between MSE MSU and the Faculty of Management of the  University of Primorska.

October 2014

Joint educational activities for the development of economic cooperation. 

November 2014

The first joint event of FM UP and MSE MSU took place in Portorož. 

March 2015

In Moscow, within the framework of the second joint event the meeting representatives of FM UP  and MSE MSU and representatives of business from both countries was held.

May 2015

MSE becomes a partner of the International Scientific Conference on Management. 

June 2015

From June 8 to June 22, 15 Russian students from MSU took part in the summer school conducted by FM.

October 2015

At  the Faculty of Management in Koper, the famous economist and strategist professor Vladimir Kvint spoke. In his lecture "Strategy for the Global Market: Theory and Practical Applications" he focused on the global market strategy from the point of view of theory and practice.

November 2015

In Portorož, the third joint academy of FM UP and MSE MSU was held.

March 2016

At the solemn ceremony held at the University of Primorska , with the initiative of the Faculty of Management, the dean of the MSE MSU, Academician Alexander Nekipelov was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of  the University of Primorska.

April 2016

The Slovenian delegation, headed by the Minister of Economic Development and Technology  Zdravko Počivalšek met in Moscow with representatives of the MSU. The Rector of the University of Primorska presented the initiative on the establishment of the MSU representation in Koper. 

June 2016

During the visit of the  Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Karl Erjavec  to the  Academician  Rector of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Viktor A.  Sadovnichy, the text of the agreement between UP and MSU was agreed. This text was the official basis for the establishment of the Moscow State University representation in Koper.

November 2016

In Koper an agreement on cooperation between the  University of Primorska and the Lomonosov Moscow State University  was signed,. As a result, a joint scientific and educational center was established.

February 2017

In Moscow, a Memorandum between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and Moscow State University on establishing the Lomonosov Branch in Koper  in partnership with the  University of Primorska was signed. Within the framework of the joint education, the FM UP and the MSE MSU began to implement the Master degree program "Economics and Finance" in October 2017, which allows students to obtain a double diploma

May 2017

In the framework of the festival of innovations "festINNO 2017", Professor Vladimir Kvint gave a lecture "The Strategy of Entrepreneurship - examples of successful application".

September 2017

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia gives consent to the  University of Primorska to establish jointly with the Lomonosov Moscow State University  the branch in Koper, in the status of the Institute.

November 2017

The  University of Primorska and the Lomonosov Moscow State University established the Branch of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Koper.

March 2018

The overall structure of the corporate governance of the Institute has been set up and the Institute's website went live. March also marked the beginning of the Institute´s promotion.