Master in Mathematical Science

The program represents an extension of the first level of the mathematics program of the Bologna system. The program is designed in such a way that the student has a choice at the end of his education: continuing education in doctoral studies in mathematics, working in economics or the public sector. The content of the program also allows the candidate to use the acquired skills for development in other sciences. A student can choose from a large number of subjects from different relevant fields. Their understanding requires, of course, certain basic knowledge of basic mathematical subjects that students receive at the first stage of the study. Depending on motivation, ability, interest and ambitions or plans, the student gets the opportunity to engage in research activities. It is possible primarily with the help of a mentor during writing a master's thesis. The program also provides subjects from the field of applied mathematics, necessary for students focused on the financial sector and other sectors of the economy.

Program Type: Master.

Specialization: Master of Mathematics.

European ECTS credit system: 120 points points.

Duration of the program: two years.

Language: English (a graduate receives a diploma of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov and University of Primorska).

Location: Koper, Moscow.


  • Measure Theory
  • Philosophy
  • Project Management
  • Selected Topics in Algebra (1)
  • Selected Topics in Analysis (1)
  • Selected Topics in Complex Analysis
  • Selected Topics in Dynamic Systems
  • Selected Topics in Partial Diferential Equations
  • Selected Topics in Theory of Finite Geometries
  • Selected Topics in Topology
  • Chaotic Dynamical Systems
  • Combinatorial and Convex Geometries
  • Computer Aided Geometric Design
  • Geometric Aspects in Discrete Dynamical Systems
  • Geometrical Measure Theory
  • Geometrical Optimization Problems
  • Geometry and Topology
  • History and Methodology of the Subject
  • Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
  • Mathematical Practicum


Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology, University of Primorska -

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov -

Admission Criteria

First year enrollment is open to

1. Graduates of the first cycle study program who completed studies in Mathematics, or

2. Graduates from study areas other than Mathematics must complete additional academic requirements (equivalent to a minimum of 30 ECTS).

Individual applications of the candidates that didn’t study in fields, related to Mathematics, are reviewed  by the FAMNIT Study Commission.

In accordance with Article 41 of the Higher Education Act, candidates are ranked in cases where the number of available places are limited. Candidates are ranked based on their undergraduate GPA.

A ranking list will be published and candidates will be notified.

General competences

- Ability to describe the given situation by correctly using mathematical symbols and records.

- Ability to explain mathematical concepts and principles.

- Resolve mathematical (as well as other) problems using modern technology.

- Apply an algorithmic approach - to develop an algorithm to solve a given problem.

- Develop the ability to analyze a given problem numerically, graphically and algebraically.

- Confidently face a given mathematical problem and find its solution.