Within the framework of joint education by both universities - founders of the MSU Branch in Koper, the Economic Consortium is an important organizational part of the branch and complements educational activities, contributing to the idea of mplementing joint education.

The Economic Consortium performs the following tasks:

1. Create a list of professions and the necessary knowledge needed by companies from the consortium in the short and long term;

2. Monitoring the development of joint educational programs;

3. Participation in the organization and conduct of the practice of students studying in joint educational programs;

4. Development of projects for economic cooperation between companies from the economic consortium;

5. Support the development of European-Russian education on the basis of donations;

6. Support for the development of the scholarship fund of the branch.


The Economic Consortium should become a platform for the development of new economic projects, in which graduates of programs will be involved.

The Economic Consortium realizes its mission and vision through the work of the Board of Trustees of the branch. The economic consortium is open to all companies from Europe and Russia who see the opportunity to develop their activities in the European and Russian markets, supporting the business network of the economic consortium of the branch, and sensing the need for qualified personnel provided by the European-Russian education.