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Moscow State University M. V. Lomonosov, together with the University of Primorska, established its sixth branch in Koper. The main purpose of the Institute of the Moscow State University M. V. Lomonosov in Koper is to educate and promote economic cooperation between the European countries and Russia. The Institute offers three unique master's educational programs, which enable the acquisition of a double diploma: a degree from the University of Primorska and a degree from the Moscow State University. In the school year 2018-2019, master programs Economics and Finance, Mathematics and International Political Science are being launched. Two-year studies are beginning in Koper for the first year, while the second year is in Moscow. Students in the field of Economics and Finance will spend one month in the first year in one of the Slovenian companies, which is intensively cooperating with Russian companies, and in the second academic year in one of the Russian companies, which cooperates with the European economy. One of the basic purposes of our master programs is to educate experts who will in the future contribute to the intensified development of European-Russian economic cooperation. The knowledge that the students will acquire is therefore adapted to the necessary knowledge to work in the countries of the European Union and Russia. The main purpose of the Institute is to educate graduates from EU countries and Russia to be able to be employable in Russian companies operating in the European market and, on the other hand, in European companies operating in the Russian market.

The second fundamental goal of the Lomonosov Institute in Koper is the development of economic cooperation between European, Slovenian and Russian companies. Important economists united in the Council of Economic Counselors at the Lomonosov Institute will take care of the development of economic cooperation and, consequently, participate as a special incubator, which will facilitate the employment of our students. The city of Koper, where the study will be held in the first year, is a young seaside University town that has recently experienced economic boom and the same power as it devotes itself to economic development, also devotes to the development of the city as a European university centre.


The core mission of the Lomonosov Koper Institute is the development of joint education and economic cooperation between the EU and Russia. The starting point is the development of joint education, which will be provided by graduates of various study programs from the EU and Russia. However, these graduates will have to (aside from the study program) make compulsory practice during their studies as part of their study obligations. This practice will be specifically targeted at those European companies operating in the economic field of the Russian Federation, and vice versa, with those Russian companies operating on the EU market. This is the current global mission, from which operational tasks are defined in 2017. These are just the beginning of the establishment of an operational infrastructure, which will enable the Institute to begin the implementation of the defined mission in 2018.


Through the implementation of the defined mission, the Institute will become a well organized and successfully functioning institution of systematic development and implementation of education programs for the purpose of developing new initiatives for economic cooperation between the EU and Russia.

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